La Sabana University

Sabana University renews its video surveillance system with Axis network cameras

Easy administration, monitoring and scalability


Sabana University was founded in 1979 and has been growing steadily to become one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country, receiving the High Quality Institutional Accreditation (Acreditación Institucional de Alta Calidad), in 2006. The institution has also strengthened its physical environment which has a campus in Bogota’s savannah (among other locations), equipped with a wide range of human and technical resources. These include the Octavio Arizmendi Posada library, with more than 79 thousand titles and the development of two new buildings with a total constructed area of 8,161 square meters. This wide campus required an appropriate overview, which initially consisted of video cameras – analog surveillance, with some issues to centralize the information and monitor the different areas.

That is how the search for a solution that enabled the optimization of the resources and the development of a more efficient control of the entire campus began. The implementation of IP video surveillance cameras was suggested integrating company SDS Corp, contributing with great benefits to this basic need.


After choosing Axis as the video solution provider, 108 cameras were placed with the following distribution: four AXIS 214 PTZ, twelve AXIS 211, forty AXIS 207, twenty-seven AXIS P1343, and twenty-five AXIS M3203 Network Cameras. These cameras are incorporated with an AXIS 240Q Video Server (signal converter) for the existing analog cameras, which also offers important image quality.


Results have been very positive, after using an analog system which is highly complex in its administration, the implementation of Axis network cameras has been made through a more efficient channel (IP). This provides easy administration, monitoring and scalability. Furthermore, costs are reduced and it is now possible to obtain a more accurate control of the entire campus, resulting in a more accurate surveillance system to monitor eventual risk situations; with a proactive and more careful approach.

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